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A central Hub for everything tech in Malawi.

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Tech Malawi is a community which is striving to showcase the tech scene in the country

With TechMalawi, you are at a place where you meet like minded people who are willing to connect with you and share their experience.


Every Sunday, we have a series of events where you can learn about:

  • Latest Technological Advances
  • Software Development
  • Network Engineering
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Product Design
  • Drone Technology
  • Blockchain Technology
All Malawians are welcome to be a part of this community


Any one on our platform is welcome to share their knowledge and experience.

Through this platform, people are given the chance to share their knowledge with others. This in turn can advance one's understanding of the subject matter being shared.


1. How can I organize a training ? 2. How can I organize a training ?


Our community is growing every day. Through incredible trainings done by our fellows, their is a chance you can grow your professional career.